Kellie Battaglia of Gorham, ME

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I met and started dating my husband in 1995. While it took me a little time to realize that he was "the one", he tells me all the time that he knew he was going to marry me on our second date, which took place at the campsite where he was living. He knew that a woman comfortable sitting in his tent with him, would understand his love of nature and his job which required a lot of travel, was going to be his wife and the mother of his children. I chose #3933 (a tent) to symbolize when my husband says he fell in love with me. 3 years later, his prediction came true and we married (#3491, engravable marriage certificate). His love of nature led to a job offer in Maine, a state we have both come to adore (#0506, lobster). In 1998, we bought our first home together (#0798, engravable house) not realizing it would not just be our starter home, but the home we would establish roots in and eventually, bring all 3 of our babies home to (#0564, stork) and watch them grow. In 2007, I became very, very sick and spent a lot of time in the ICU and over the next few years needed several surgeries. Before each surgery, the last person I saw was my husband, and as they wheeled me away, he would flash me the I love you sign (#7794) and it would remind me that he meant it when he said "for better or worse, in sickness and in health." Thankfully, I recovered and soon our days were filled with the daily chores and duties of life, something we enjoy doing together and with our children. (#2019 rake and shovel) My husband is my best friend and my strongest ally, perhaps best symbolized by the Claddagh (#7793) with its heart for love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty. Our relationship is the foundation of our lives. We know we are there for each other, and geese have become symbolic to our family because of this (#2384, goose). Geese mate for life, raise their young together, always return home and never leave another goose behind. Together, we have created an amazing family, which I would love to show off with #8628, a Photoart charm.

Kellie Battaglia
Gorham, ME
Love Story Winner
February 14, 2012

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