Malcolm Braudaway of Harleton, TX

It’s not really my story, and some of it hasn’t happened yet, it’s more like our story, but from me for her. See, my wonderful wife April and I are expecting our first child, a baby girl, we already have a name picked out, JaneAnn Marie. I would love to be able to create her one of your charm bracelets for Mother's day, something an expectant mother could look at and think about that big day coming. They say it's the thought that counts, so here is my thought and our story.

We are six months along right now so I would start where our journey began, with a heart (#3391) to represent the love we share. We met December 2005, it was kind of funny, we went out almost every night for two whole weeks before we went a day without seeing each other; we got engaged December 13th 2007 and started making all our big plans. I would want to add something on it for her to represent our marriage, (charm #8165) the wedding cake, we were married November 1, 2008 it was a wonderful day. She would laugh at that because we were in such a rush neither one of us got to eat a piece except for the one we took the pictures with. We had everything ready and laid out, our wedding planner was bored, she told us that we were the easiest couple to deal with that she had ever had.

Next I would add a symbol of our faith a cross (charm #4903) we are both active in our local church. She teaches the young children there, and I am the Music Minister, we actually met for the first time at our church so it really has a lot of meaning for us. And because I am the music minister there I would add a guitar (charm #2900), I play at church, so there is something on there for her to look at and remember me, she said I can’t bring home any more guitars so this would be my way of sneaking one in the house.

Then I would add a stork (charm #0564) to show that we are expecting a little bundle of joy. It’s really exciting to know that we are going to be parents, we are so happy. It was amazing to be there with her and see our daughter on the sonogram. Then I would have to add a Shih Tzu (charm #6393) so she doesn't forget our first baby. Elsie is our Shih Tzu, she will be two in November, she was my wife's wedding gift from me, April was there when she was born, she will always be our first "baby". Then I would add an ABC block (charm #8336) not only to represent our baby, but also to remind her of the life lessons that we are about to learn.

Here are the things that are about to be a part of our story, a birth certificate (charm #4763) to get filled out on that special day when our baby arrives. Then I would add a locket (charm #8604) so she could keep a picture of our daughter close to her all the time, you know how moms love to show off. I would finish where I started, with a heart, a special one, (charm #3567) the mother daughter heart to show that special love between a mother and a daughter, and to have something to start one of these beautiful bracelets to someday give to our daughter, something special that her and her mom could share.

Well there is our story, some of our past, some of our present and a little of our future.

Malcolm Braudaway Harleton, TX

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