Phyllis Greco of Fort Myers, FL

Picture of winner's bracelet.
There is an old saying about dogs that goes something like this: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." And my life was enriched and made whole when I adopted my beloved Taco Bell from the local animal shelter. I’d like to share my story with you (Dog Tales) about a very special boy who was near and dear to my heart (#1495- heart): Here is a story of a boy named Taco Bell and some pictures are included of him as well. I bet you’ll never guess his type of breed, yes, it’s true, he’s part Chihuahua (#8227- Chihuahua) and German Shepherd (#2882- German Shepherd) indeed. From the first day we laid eyes on him, we knew from the start, that he would come our way, capture our souls and steal our hearts. His personality is one that is rare and charmed, and only will he defend himself when felt threatened or harmed. Mealtime has always been his favorite time yet, don’t dare think he eats dog food; it’s people food he loves best. Grandma (#3346- Grandma) always makes him the best steak and rice, it is homemade, not store bought, and he always eats twice. Taco Bell (#0752- bell) loves to walk in the neighborhood to roam, he follows his friends (#7741- best friends) down the block across the street, into their homes. He’s got an abundance of costumes, a great multitude; he dresses up as a pirate, a pumpkin and a Harley Davidson (#7828 - motorcycle) dude. I hope you enjoyed this story about our beloved Taco, and he was once introduced on the Jay Leno Show. Rest in peace, our beloved Taco.

Phyllis Greco
Fort Myers, FL
Dog Tales Winner
May, 2012

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