Alexis Todd of Plymouth, MN

Picture of winner's bracelet.
I've spent hours looking through your beautiful charms. The idea of a charm bracelet actually came from my husband, as he was getting fed up with my answer of "I don't know" when he would ask me what I wanted for a Christmas present. So now, he has a gift that he can keep adding to every special occasion. At first I thought I would create a life journal with all the events (marriage, new houses, earning my degrees, places I've traveled). Then, I decided that since my goal for 2012 is to be happy, I would collect the charms that I associate with the happiest place on earth - my cabin (#4698) in the northern woods of Minnesota. Nature inspires me. I love to walk in the meadows and see the wildflowers, so I must add a daisy (#8311), which is fun, joyful and happy, and if you look closely, it could be the posture of a person, arms raised in jubilation. I spend endless hours watching the eagles (#1774) soar above the pine trees (#5113) on a cloudless Minnesota day. The eagle charm has a dual meaning as it also symbolizes success, prosperity, wealth, intelligence, renewal and courage, all qualities that contribute to my goal of being happy. I love to kayak (#8111) during the day, paddling and playing with the loons (#3220). When I'm tired of paddling, I just float and dream (#8442) of happy times. At night I observe the stars twinkling under the open sky on a quiet country road or from our deck, so I'll add telescope (#2415) as a reminder of the expansive universe. We often have friends visit us at the cabin. I chose the charm Best Friends (#7741) with the three intertwined hearts because it connects my husband, our friends, and myself in a circle of love. And with friends, there must be good food and wine. So I chose a corkscrew (#2477) to remind me of the many enjoyable bottles of wine and great conversations I've shared with friends at the cabin. Happy memories all, that transport me to my "happy place" even when I'm miles away.

Alexis Todd
Plymouth, MN

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