Allison Pearse of Fort Collins, CO

I enjoy my sleep; I love to dream.  My dad, the hardest working individual that I know (Bee - charm #1499), used to tell me that I was squandering my time by sleeping my days away, and that I needed to use my hours to their fullest. So, I woke up (alarm clock - charm #8190). I always have been surrounded by doers, and that lifestyle is contagious.

My dad, for example, has never gone without tinkering away at a hobby of some sort. Whether he is in the midst of banjo playing, woodworking, beekeeping, or kayaking, he keeps himself occupied. He isn't just busy, though, he is happy! The man seemingly enjoys all that he does; even his job. He happily dedicated his working years to being a middle school teacher. He showed so much passion for what he did while I was a student in his fifth grade science class that I was inspired to become a middle school teacher as well.

My older brother is a world traveler. There is a map of the world at my mom’s house covered in pins marking where each of us has visited… His pins put the rest of ours to shame (globe - charm #8334). Though I fulfilled my sisterly duty of tormenting my younger brother, I didn’t seem to lose his companionship. He followed me out of state for college, and even joined the same department. We both were members of the theatre department; he focused on the technical aspect while I focused on acting (comedy & tragedy - charm #1903).

My mom, a therapist by profession and natural instinct, is unwaveringly supportive. The woman knows how to make everything grow---whether it is plants, children, or the happiness of strangers (watering can - charm #8174).

It is hard for me to waste too much time when I am influenced by such active participants of life.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing piano (charm #8252), keeping in contact with loved ones (mailbox - charm #3214), and growing orchids (charm #3765). With my 26th birthday approaching in 2 days, I am happy to say that I have not slept my days away, but I have continued to dream.  I hope to keep a sense of whimsical fun (carousel - charm #3345), and use my time to its fullest (hourglass - charm #3647).

Allison Pearse

Fort Collins, CO

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