A. Lynn Cardona of Athens, PA

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My life (#0808: TREE OF LIFE) revolves around the people who mean the most to me and who carry the keys to my heart (#2248: I LOVE YOU KEYS): my darling husband of 18 years, our 3 teenaged children, and our cherished furry cats (#8620: PHOTOART CAT PAW) named Frankie and Lucky (#0867: 4 LEAF CLOVER). While a bit challenging at times, I would never give up this life for something different. When times get tough, not only do I rely on my strengthened faith, renewed hope, and unconditional love (#0908: FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY), but I also follow my own blueprint, a road map of sorts, (#2358: USA MAP COLORED) to help me muddle through good times and bad. Here are my favorite Top 10: 1. I understand that families are formed out of love and that the people I’m living with are worthy of praise and respect. 2. I will congratulate myself every day on a job well done. Even on days when I’ve done or said things I’m not proud of, I will be gentle and kind with myself because I am a brave, courageous woman. 3. I will work to feel confident and worthy of love. 4. I will forgive my husband, my children, and myself for our human-ness. 5. I will try to understand what living in our home (#0418: HOUSE) is like for every member of our family. 6. I will create a sanctuary for myself and make self-care a priority so I can recharge my batteries. 7. I understand that control does not equal respect or love. 8. I realize that I don’t have any control over what he, she or anyone else thinks or does. The only person I have control over is ME. 9. I will plan (#4642: CALENDAR) things to look forward to with my husband and with my family. 10. I will find the gifts (#8261: GIFT BOX) in being the perfect wife & mother (#6179: #1 MOM), even on not-so-perfect days (presumably more often than not), in order to set a good example for others and so that my legacy will carry on from generation to generation in the Story of my Life.

A. Lynn Cardona
Athens, PA
Story of Your Life Winner
March 2014

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