Amie Kepner of Chillicothe, MO

Picture of winner's bracelet.

My husband and I have both grown up with dogs in our homes and there was no question that once we had a home, we would have a dog. He grew up with a Dachshund (#0298) and I had a Chihuahua (#8227) in the past so we decided to get one of each. We went to pick out our new additions and the Chihuahua was the runt of the litter and very frail and to be honest, we didn't think he was that cute. BUT, the breeder just so happen to have the short haired Dachshund's brother (#1790) that we'd been looking at out with him. He was longhaired and not what we planned on but he instantly tugged at our hearts and a few weeks later we brought our babies homes with us. Not long after, the breeder called wanting to know if we knew anyone that was looking for a Chihuahua. She didn't have time for him with all of the other dogs and really needed to find him a good home. Guess what... within a couple of days, we added a Chihuahua to our home! Since he was a little older and they'd had him for a while they had started calling him Walter. That's not the name we would have picked out but he knew that was his name and came running with his tongue hanging out as soon as they called for him when we picked him up. Walter it was! Our family includes a shorthaired Dachshund (Hogan), a longhaired Dachshund (Harley) and our lil Chihuahua (Walter) that makes our house a home. We've had our days after they've chewed on shoes (#0797), eating an expensive pair of sunglasses (#2455) and even a cell phone, wondering what in the world we were thinking having three at the same time. But, we wouldn't trade any of them for anything and love (#8441) them like they are our children. There's nothing better than puppy kisses and wagging tails after a long day! They are very spoiled and get more treats and bones (#3019) than most dogs I'm sure. They are our family and our home wouldn't be complete without them.

Amie Kepner
Chillicothe, MO
Dog Tales Winner
November, 2012

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