Angela Taliaferro of Gloucester, VA

Picture of winning bracelet for Angela Taliaferro November 2008 winner
I have lived a pretty good, blessed life. I have had very special people come into my life and make it bright and happy. I was born in Virginia Beach, VA on December 9, 1976 to a single mother who gave me up for adoption. I was adopted very quickly by a couple who lived in Cape Hatteras, NC (charm #3430-Lighthouse). I was their only child and my dad says that the whole way home from the foster family's house to my new home, my mom and I just stared at each other with smiles on our faces. This happened about a week before my very first Christmas (charm #2918-Ornament) and my mom always says that I was the best Christmas present she could have ever received! My new family wasn't very big, but it was full of love. My father, a freelance writer (charm #2337-Feather Pen), taught me to read small words before I ever went to kindergarten. I did well throughout school, graduating with Honors. I decided to attend Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, Virginia. My passion was horseback riding (charm #0356-Horse), particularly jumping. I was able to pursue my hobby and my Bachelor of Fine Arts together! After college, I came back home to Hatteras and worked at a local cafe until I could decide what else I wanted to do with my life. While working there, I met Adam (charm #6049-Heart) and we were quick friends. We spent most of the time that we weren't working together and he told me that he loved me 3 weeks after we met. On my 21st birthday, he took me to Boulder, Colorado (charm #6247) for a ski getaway. The night of my birthday, after a wonderful day of skiing and just being together, he asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! We were married on Feb. 14, 1997! (charm #0293-Wedding Rings) It was a small wedding at the same church my parents were married at. Six months later, I found out I was pregnant and my son was born on May 8, 1998 (charm #0473-Baby Shoe May). Everything was going well in our lives then. My son was happy and healthy and growing like a weed. We had recently moved to Gloucester, VA after our son's birth so my husband could join another construction company and all was looking good. In January of 2004, just after my 28th birthday and during my annual doctor's appt., the doctor found a small lump in my left breast that he later diagnosed as breast cancer. I had the breast removed and went through chemotherapy and in March, I was pronounced free of breast cancer (charm #3448-Breast Cancer ribbon). It was scary at first, but through my faith and the support of my family, I was able to come through it ok. Since then I have had reconstructive surgery and have been cancer-free for almost 5 years now. My son is doing very well in school and his Little League team (#0435-baseball mitt) made first in the Districts this past summer. My parents still live in Hatteras and we visit them at least once a month. Adam and I have been married for almost 12 years now and we couldn't be happier! We are truly blessed!

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