Anne Romanowski of Endwell, NY

My Name is Anne.  I was born in December of 1963, (#4571 Sagittarius), the last of four, and the only girl my parents had.  As a result, I was doted on by my brothers, and loved all things girly.  In fact, the first book I could read by myself was 'Ballerina Bess' (#0190 Ballet Dancer).  Soon, long hair and pincurls gave way to a pixie and a love for sports.  I wanted to play ball with my brothers (#3454 Baseball Glove w/Ball).  I wasn't very good at sports, but I loved cheering them on, so I found my niche as a cheerleader (#1205 Cheerleading Megaphone).  Before long, I was off to college at Clarkson University, in northern NY... the great white North (#6543 Snowflake), where snow was a permanent landscape feature.  I got my degree and became a writer (#2337 Feather Pen) and went to work at IBM.  I met my husband a few years later, a great guy I knew from high school who was just finishing dental school (#0642 False Teeth).  We married, and had two beautiful kids, my daughter Kelsey, and my son Alec. Kelsey is 14, loves tennis (#3947 Tennis) and cheerleading (like me!) and Alec is 12, loves baseball (like me!) and basketball (#6497 Basketball Net).  We frequently have friends over for wine parties in our beautiful home. My only regret is that I cannot stop time from passing so quickly. I am reminded of how precious life is, because I lost my dear brother Terry, whom we called Bear (#2424 Black Bear) two years ago, at the age of 43.  Life is precious.  Memories last forever.

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