Ashley Benitah of Greenbelt, MD

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I received my dog Timex as a birthday present. He was a toy poodle (#3044). He was born July 27th 1995 (#3337). He had so much character, he was full of  life he was the little boy my dad never had hahaha. I remember all the fun we had he loved to ride in the car (#3386) and he enjoyed long walks all you had to say was do you wanna go outside? And he would try to talk not bark. Like most dogs he also enjoyed a good fire hydrant (#2311) although I think he liked moms carpet better. He was truly one of a kind. It always use to make me laugh when he would hop threw the snow (#7816) he was white so all you could see was this little puff ball hopping around. Then on Thanksgiving out of nowhere his nose began to bleed we rushed him to the hospital they ran many tests and within a week they gave us the devastating news that he had cancer they said there was nothing they could do. He passed away 3 months later (#2750) 10 days before my mothers birthday we where heartbroken he passed in 2007 and it still hurts we never got another dog. To us he wasn't just a dog (#3019) he was family.

Ashley Benitah
Greenbelt, MD
Dog Tales Winner
January, 2013

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