Ashley Nicole Sisson of Ripley, WV

Picture of Winner's Bracelet
Hi, my name is Ashley. I am a small town country girl from Ripley WV. Born and raised here all 26 years of my life. I have always wanted a charm bracelet and thought now could be my chance to get one. My mom would let me wear hers around the house as a child growing up, but never did purchase me one because she thought I would misplace it. You know how kids are she would say.

It was Christmas Day 2001 a few months after my grandma had passed aways that she set me down and handed me a box, and in that box was her bracelet. As soon as I looked at it I knew something was different about it and there sure was. My mom had added a Lily which was my grandma's favorite flower. My grandma and I were very close. Tears immediately filled my eyes as I thought of the times I begged her to give me the bracelet. I wear her bracelet almost everyday, but I feel that it’s time I give it back to her. It tells her story and now I need one to tell mine. I have had a lot of changes in my life that I want to tell people about. I want to show them.

I would have to start my story with a Lily (charm #4580) to represent my grandma who I love and miss dearly. She loved lilys and I know she is looking down on me smiling right now. The next charm would be a dove (charm #1201) for my cousin John Eric who passed away. I would pick a snowflake next (charm #4484) to represent my favorite time of year. I think snow falling looks like tiny diamonds floating away from the sky. Just simply beautiful. My next choice would have to be the boxer (charm #0300) who would represent my dog Axel. I love that dog, he is so smart and amazing. I would have to go with the clover next (charm #0395) to represent Axel's Birthday. He was born on St. Patricks's Day. The tractor charm (charm #6565) would have to be next to represent my dad. He is a one of a kind man. I love him to death. He passed his love for animals and farming down to me and I love him for that. I would have to go with the angel wings (charm #8338) to represent my mom. She is my Angel and I would do anything for her. God blessed me with 2 great parents and I am so thankful for them and everyday I get to spend with them. This is the part where my life is starting to change. I recently got engaged to my best friend. He is my soulmate and my lover for life. I want to get the pig (charm #0604) becuase he raises them and I just think they are adorable. They all have such personality. The next charm on my bracelet would be our Wedding Date (charm #8339) Which is September 26, 2009. I cannot wait for this day to get here. It is so comforting knowing who I am going to grow old with. The last charm on my bracelet would be the bride and groom (charm #8156) to represent Landon and I.

I want to Thank You for reading my story. If I am the lucky person chosen I promise I will wear this bracelet on my wedding day. My ring is white gold so the sterling will be a perfect match. Plus I will have all of the important things with me. A memorial for the ones here and the ones that have passed.

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