Beverly Griggs of Lehigh, FL

Picture of winner's bracelet.
Story of my life begins as the old TV show This is your life. I was born in Florida and lived here most of my life so my first charm would be the beach chair (#3800). My father who recently passed never had it easy but always took chances in life to make things better for our family so I would think the craps table (#8332) representing the chance for better to things to come would represent him. My husband has had some very long terms of unemployment due to sagging economy in our area. He works in construction and never gives up hope for another job on the horizon. His charm would be construction hat (#8142). I have three outstanding children that are role models for society. My oldest son being in the army with long durations of deployment I would choose the yellow ribbon (#2388) to symbolize him. My daughter is an inspiration to all that know her. She had a failed kidney transplant and has been on dialysis for the past nine years. She goes to school and hopes to be an interpreter for the deaf so I would choose charm (#3503) hand logo for her. My third child is a surgical technologist for open heart surgeries and has a passion for hiking so I would choose hiking boots (#3462) I am a nurse of many many years and currently take care of an Alzheimer’s patient, I would like to choose the wheelchair charm (#0897) for all the people that I have touched their lives to heal. I love the lipstick charm (#3178) it represents to me to always make the most of yourself whatever that may be. I have an adopted rescue part Maltese dog who is reciprocal in her nurturing and is there for me in so many ways so I would choose (#3740) for her. My last charm would be the wishbone. It would be a symbol for all good things, health, happiness, hope, harmony, love, strength, wisdom so charm (#0676) would me my final charm. My charm bracelet would be the most precious jewel in my life.

Beverly Griggs
Lehigh, FL

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