Brenda Welc of Muskegon, MI

It was a snowy January morning when I arrived here into this world.  My mother held me for a brief moment and gazed into my eyes (#4424) and then she released me from her arms with a tearful goodbye.  I spent the next nine months of my life in a children's home awaiting adoption.  With hope in their eyes and joy in their hearts my new parents adopted me as their only daughter (#3567) and took me to my new home.  The life I had been handed was filled with sweet memories and lasting love that lingers with me always.

     As the years progressed I married a man who would always hold the keys to my heart (#2248).  We met at the local McDonald's where we flipped burgers (#1686) and served french fries (#2491) to our local community.  We have never been apart from each other from the day we first laid our eyes on one another.   This was truly love at first sight.  We affectionately call each other by our nick names mine being Bear (#0156) and his being Bunny (#0577).   Now we are raising two children, a boy and a girl (#3570) in a loving Christian home not far from where we first began.

     As my life continues to unfold before me I cherish these three things from God: faith, hope and love (#0908).  Without these three principles in my life our family would have no meaning.  I truly believe God had provided me with all that I need in my life from my beginnings as an adoptee to a grown woman.  He  has also made the connection for me back to my birth mother (#6182).  All in all I have lived a charmed life and I have the memories to prove it.

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