Cara Gresham of Ruther Glen, VA

When I was 11 years old my parents bought us our first pet, a schnauzer dog named Kitchi (#1305). Although he belonged to the family, he was my dog. I trained him to do so many tricks and spent every minute I could with him.  He was a wonderful dog. He lived to be 13 years old and when he died, I was devastated but so thankful to have had him all those years. I knew that I would get another dog at some time in my life and shortly after I married in 1985, my husband and I got two Shih Tzu dogs (#6393). Gizmo and Sassy were our "trial" children. They were so adorable and cuddly. We had them when we welcomed our own two children in 1987 and 1989. They lived to be nearly 13 and 14 years old and enjoyed a pampered life.  After they passed, it was some time before we would own dogs again. We suddenly found ourselves, or he found us, a white and brown cat we named Timber (#0625). I had never owned a cat and could not believe how sweet and friendly he was. Living in the country and having a bit of property, we thought it would be fun to branch out into the world of farm animals. That brought us two miniature goats (#2897). My husband slaved for days to make an enclosure to keep them, but alas, they always escaped, those little rascals. We eventually had to build a solid wooden enclosure. Cloe and T.K. really enjoy it.  We sat outdoors in the warmer weather and watched all the critters. My husband had always talked about a water garden and Koy pond. We had a small backhoe dig out the hole and the four of us, our daughters included, finished the pond with the lining, plants, and of course, fish. It is a beautiful place to sit and pass the time. The frogs that have come to live in it our my favorites such as (#2996), Frog on Lily Pad. I became involved with the Humane Society and adopted a puppy we named Coco.  She is so unusual looking. We don't know what her background is. She has a long body and short legs with floppy ears and a pointy nose. Only a photo dog house charm (#8619) with her picture in it can represent her!! Just a few months ago we added to our zoo with the addition of three, yes I said three, birds. Our Cockatoo Pooka (#1873), our African Grey Parrot, Eliza (#0244) and our little lovebird Indigo (#0144). Our animals enrich our lives and I can't imagine not sharing our home with them. It is a lot of work but well worth it! This is the story of my life with our pets.

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