Caroline Sposto of Memphis, TN

Once upon a time, I was a little girl growing up in a big, noisy house with three older brothers and a sister. My sister was a teenager so she had lots of things that intrigued me: lipstick, a hair dryer, and a charm bracelet. I'd study the charms one-by-one and tell myself that I'd have my own charm bracelet "Someday." 

"Someday" like the rainbow, stays elusively ahead of us. Perhaps it is the catchall on the horizon of Time. We hurry "Somewhere" to do "Something" while our "Somedays" fall like leaves and accumulate in our hearts like forgotten slips of paper at the bottom of our oversized handbags. 
The magic of your jewelry is that it makes our memories tangible; spelling out the nuances of our cherished stories through the shorthand of each tiny charm. Thank you for touching lives with your contest, bringing memories to life and letting us try for a chance to turn "Someday" into "Now”.

If I were to design a bracelet, I'd start with the Tree of Life (charm #0808). This goes beyond the traditional symbolism for me because my mother's parents were actually in the tree business for half a century.  Likewise, my father's parents were in the produce business, selling the wonderful fruits that grew on trees. (There's a cute story in this about how my parents met.) 

My hometown is a Wheatridge, Colorado. This small city will always be so dear to my heart that I was surprised and delighted to find that you actually have a charm for Wheat (charm #1799)

The third charm would have to be a Book (charm #3160), as it speaks (pun intended) volumes to me.  From the poems my mother read to us as a children, to Nancy Drew mysteries, to textbooks and church hymnals, to the pile of books on my nightstand today. The written word has been, and will be my most inspiring, engaging and comforting companion. 

When I was 23, I packed a small car and drove off to take a job in Los Angeles. Charm number four:  California Oranges (charm #3549) speaks to that season of my life. Every day back then was like one of those oranges, fresh, colorful and waiting to be opened.

Fifth on the chain would be The Dice (charm #3511). They're for the girl in the wine-colored party dress who stood in a chapel in Las Vegas at 3:00 a.m. eighteen years ago. A handsome young man with a flair for whirlwind romance placed a $35.00 ring on her finger, and they gambled on a future together. (That man is sitting in the next room reading the newspaper as I write this. Needless to say, we beat the odds.)

Next, of course would be our two daughters. Their charms are easy to choose because they each have a life-defining passion. Our oldest is studying to be a painter, so of course, the artist palette (charm #0800). Her sister, a year younger is the Ballet Dancer (charm #1614). Her uncanny resemblance to that charm brings a smile to my face

My husband, daughters and I spent a decade in a small town in the heart of PA Dutch country.  The grocery store and bank had hitching posts for Amish Wagons (charm #2254) and we had the privilege of experiencing a beautiful part of rural America.

We've chosen to settle in Memphis (charm #5217). (Explaining why I love this city so much would take another entire essay.)

Last of all, charm #10 would be something to which I've assigned personal meaning: the Robin (charm #3420). I feel a kinship with these friendly birds. Like me, they've wandered and migrated. They take good care of their babies, yet their main job is to prepare them to fly. Ever optimistic, they carry the promise of spring, and they are the last songbirds we hear as the day fades into twilight, and the crimson sunset appears, like “Someday” on the horizon...

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