Casie Redden of Five Points, AL

My travel adventures would have to be titled "A Precious Memory" The very first vacation I ever went on was when I was 5 years old. My mother and father decided that they were going to take my sister and I to Florida (charm #4409).We loaded everything for the trip into my father's Volkswagon (charm #1297) on June 7,1977 Charm description (A Date to Remember charm #2703),and because it was so hot and having no air in a Volkswagon, we left in the night, and I can remember my mother telling my sister and I if we went to sleep when we awoke we would be in Florida. So when we arrived in Panama City Beach, Florida, my sister and I, never being to the beach before, had to walk in the dark from the motel room to the beach(Pebble Beach Sand Capsule charm #3497) in our flip flops (charm #0797) for a view. I can remember my sister saying "Sissy that water is huge," at the time of this vacation she was only two years old. My father told us that the sooner we got back to the motel and got to sleep the sooner we could get up the following morning and do other things. So the next morning when everyone woke up and got ready, my mother and father took us back to the beach for the day, and my sister and I walked along the beach, letting the waves come in and roll over our feet, and we picked up seashells (charm #4085). I found a huge sand dollar that at the time I didn't know what it was and I asked my parents what kind of shell it was and they told me it was a sand dollar that in legend people believed that is was the birth and death of Jesus (Sand Dollar charm #5022).I am 36 years old and I still have that sand dollar. My father showed us how to make a sand castle using a shovel and pail to form the castle (shovel and pail charm #8260). I wanted to actually go swimming in the ocean so my mother took my hand and we went out in the ocean; my sister wouldn't get in it because she was scared a shark was going to eat her (charm #3844). My father told her that the sharks were in the ocean and they were not going to eat her, but she never would get in it. I saw a boat and I wanted to ride on it, but never got to. It was a sailboat Charm description (charm #0980). The reason I titled this "A Precious Memory" is because of the things that we did I hold dear to my heart due to the hurricanes since that time have destroyed the sites and scenes that once were, and my sister now lives in California and I live in Alabama. We don't get together as often as we would like too. And as for my mother and father I know they will always hold that vacation close to their hearts, because their "little girls" are now grown adults with children of their own.

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