Celia Thompson of Gainesville, GA

Picture of winner's bracelet.
Margaret Rose Thompson is now thirteen (1762 - 13) and is not as spry as she once was. Maggie T is a small black and tan beagle (0149 - beagle). I first saw her in a baby cradle (2211 - cradle) at a pet store. She was only six weeks old and less than two pounds when she came to our home (0564 - stork) to become a member of our family. Maggie T has had some adventures. She once jumped out of the window of a moving car (2654 - car) and landed in the idle of a busy street. Luckily, she was only bruised. Se also rings a bell (5465 - music) when she needs to go outside (0248 - fire hydrant) but she will also ring it if we are ignoring her. Maggie T loves ice cream (8141 - ice cream cone). She will sit quietly while you eat with her eyes begging for the last bite. Now her eyes are getting dim and she doesn't have many teeth (0643 - tooth). I know that it won't be long until we have to say good-bye (2750 - angel wings). I sure will miss her howl!

Celia Thompson
Gainesville, GA
Dog Tales Winner
June, 2012

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