Cindy Kachucha of Southfield, MI

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Years ago my oldest brother along with his wife and I had a falling out in our relationship that lasted about 8 years. During that time my mother grew ill with colon cancer. She fought the battle for 3 1/2 years. During that time all the grandchildren were starting to be born. I was the sole child who attended all of her chemo appointments, doctors appointments, follow-ups etc with her. I was unemployed for a while so the scheduling wasn't a problem. When I did start working again I kept a part time schedule revolved around her set appointments. Because my sister lived in Arizona at the time and my brother were married and raising families of their own, I was responsible for contacting everyone with regular updates, which fortunately started to build a bridge between my oldest brother and I. My sister married October 2011 and that was when my sister in law made final amends with each other. The following morning my mother fell into coma before passing away one week later. I tattooed the same cross on my right inner wrist (she visited the Holy Land while in remission, something she's always dreamed about) in remembrance of her. The Cross with Faith charm (8448) would be the first and most important. My mother was a Catholic through and through. She wasn't afraid of death, trusted in God, apologized for not having more time but assured us to stay strong and know that she will be with all of us all the time now. After she passed my aunts and uncles always made sure to check up on me. I was the baby of four, not married, not attached and no children so they care for me as if I'm an only child almost like an orphan too. (My parents divorced when I was 11 and my father never had a relationship with any of us since). My mother raised us on her own. Thankfully my siblings and I have grown to understand how different we all are, and how different the roads of our lives have coursed...but we still love each other deeply. My uncles have all taken cover of me like an extension of a fatherly role and my aunts (especially the now oldest) checks up on me regularly, and during every major event. If there is anything my mother taught all us, is that no matter what we will always be family. Through every trial and tribulation we always got together every Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgivings and left all our troubles at the door and enjoyed being together and appreciating one another. With that I would represent it with the Tree of Life (0808). Through all the milestones of my life my girlfriends have been the most supportive. They have never judged me. Times when I felt like laughing when I should have been crying, screaming when I could breath, held my hand, joined me in speaking of memories about my mother and celebrating her life rather than mourning it. They have been my back bones and crutches. Every week we get together for a glass of wine (3700) followed by a cup of coffee while we caught up, laughed, cried, shared, and vented about anything and everything we needed it. At the end of the day regardless of how fortunate we are with material things and superficial surroundings, we are most rich and truly blessed with loving mothers, friends, and family!

Cindy Kachucha
Southfield, MI
Story of Your Life Winner
February 2014

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