Cindy LaRochelle of Crescent Valley, NV

Picture of winner's bracelet.

Your charm, (#3500) mother, looks exactly like a heart necklace my mother used to wear. How heartwarming it would be to start my charm collection with a tribute to my mother whom I dearly miss. As a child, I lived in an old farmhouse that I loved even though it had no indoor plumbing. A splashing memento would be Charm (#2333) pump. When I was growing up, my best friend was my cat Midnight. She followed me everywhere. To remember her, Charm (#0625) Cat, shows a cat walking - purrfect. My first job was picking strawberries. Charm (#7792), Strawberry, would help me smile as I think of those fruitful days. I have 12 wonderful children. Raising them was quite an adventure. Charm (#0935) Old Lady in Shoe would fill my "sole" with fond memories. To haul all my children where they needed to be, a van was necessary. Charm (#6397) would be a moving reminder about all the great times we had as a young family. It wasn’t until I became a single mother of 12, that the importance of education became paramount to me. In order to support my children, I entered college, and graduated with a degree in education, the first in my family to do so. Charm (#0185), diploma, would be commemorate a milestone in my life. After graduating, I became a teacher - a job I love. Charm (#3461) Teacher would be a charming tribute to the profession I love. I have one sister, just a few years older than myself. I have always looked up to her, but never so much as when I was destitute, without a place to live. She took me and my children into her home, and when we couldn’t find a landlord who would rent to such a large and poor family, she moved out of her home and let me rent her home, while she and her family moved into a rental home. Charm (#3186), sister, would aptly help me to remember to always cherish my sister. Shortly after I landed my first teaching job, I also landed a husband. Yes, a man who was willing to take on a family of 12 children had “fallen” for me. We spent our honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Charm (#1632), Niagara Falls, will be a constant reminder of how I also fell for him. I have been through a lot in my lifetime. Faith in God and active participation in church activities have helped me through good and bad times. Charm, (#0242) Church, is will commemorate an important an ongoing part of my life. Now, that my children are grown, I have to substitute a puppy for children. My dog, Skye, has filled my empty nest with laughter and joy. Charm (#1714), Yorkshire, will be a doggone good way to round out my life story told in charms.

Cindy LaRochelle
Crescent Valley, NV
Story of Your Life
May, 2013

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