Corina Bair of St. Anthony, ID

Wow to sum up all the important times in my life with only 10 charms is impossible.  When I first started, I thought "will I find enough charms?" and as I went on so many memories came to mind.  It was great to remember all the special times in my life.  My grandfather (my dads father) died before I was born, but he has always been my hero.  He was a pilot of a B-17 Bomber in World War II and survived 17 successful bombing missions and then many years after the war he was killed in a crop-dusting accident.  I have always been in awe of airplanes and love to fly feeling somehow I am closer to my grandpa. My dad loves to build things with wood and several years ago he made me a wood model Bi-Plane (with working propeller & wheels).  Charm #3357 Bi-Plane not only makes me feel closer to my grandpa but also gives me "warm fuzzies" reminding me all the love and time my father put into making my wood plane.  My grandmother always talked about my grandpa to all us grandkids and we all felt as if we knew him.  She talked about how they had loved each other so much and when she died 20 years after him, her love was as strong for him that day as it was the day she married him.  My parents have always had that special love for each other also. They (my grandma and my parents) have taught me so much about love through their example that I have spent my whole life looking for that kind of love.  It took me many years, many people gave up on me ever getting married, but I knew what I was looking for and  it was well worth the wait.  I was 33 when I married the man that I will love forever.  Charm #1214 Plus Qu'ttler Moins Que Demain (french for I love You More Today Than Yesterday)  symbolizes my husband and I, my parents and my grandparents love.  My great-great grandfather came from France so it also symbolizes my French ancestors. 8 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Cancer has a way of putting things in prospective.  We were all devastated, but it brought us closer as a family. She has been in remission for 8 years now but is suffering from reumatoid arthritis, which she has had since she was a child.  I use to pray when I was little for God to give me her pain so that she could have a day free from pain.  Its been so hard for me to watch her suffer over the years.  Me and my mom have always been close and Charm #3567 Mother & Daughter brings tears to my eyes.  Not only are we best friends we also have shared cancer.  I was diagnoses with Breast Cancer  6 years ago, only 3 weeks after I was married. Charm #3448 Pink Ribbon is so important to me.  The pink ribbon symbolizes my life and my hope for the rest of my life.  It also symbolizes remembrance, 2 days ago a friend lost her battle with Breast Cancer.  I will always remember her and her long hard fight when I see the pink ribbon.  Charm #0799 Comb & Scissors reminds me of one of the most special experiences while fighting cancer.  We have a big family camp-out every year and I had just finished my first chemo treatment and my hair had begun to fall out.  I decided to have a head shaving party at our camp trip. To my tearful surprise my wonderful family stood in line to have their turn with the clippers.  There were 15 of us that went bald that day.  It helped so much to not be the only one "bald" and was so awesome to have that love and support.  It made a very hard experience so much easier.  I have the best family in the world!  Charm #4763 Birth Certificate represents the most wonderful moment in my life.  The day my son was born.  I was told when I began chemo that I would probably never be able to have a baby, and six months after chemo I decided to go off all medication and get pregnant. He is 4 now and the light of my life. Charm #2581 I Love You This Much makes me smile, my son is always saying this  to me and holding his arms out as far as he can.  It makes me remember how thankful and blessed I am to have him.  I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me.  I sometimes get so caught up in work and motherhood that Charm #6597 Forever Lovers reminds me that I have a wonderful man who is not only my husband but also my lover and my friend.  He is my life.  Charm #3801 Relay For Life/Purple Ribbon symbolizes mine and my mothers fight with cancer and our lives.  Purple Ribbon is the symbol for "Survivor" and we both are proud to have that title.  I got involved in the Relay For Life 4 years ago. It is a wonderful event for a wonderful cause.  The Purple Ribbon to us cancer survivors is what the Purple Heart is to War Heroes.  It is very special and reminds us to be proud of our battle with cancer. Charm #2346 Life sign is the most important.  It reminds me that every day is special. Since becoming involved with The Relay For Life 4 years ago we have lost 3 of our committee members to cancer.  This charm reminds me how precious life is and that we need to live each day to its fullest.  It also symbolizes all the wonderful life around me, my family and friends.  Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.  This has brought so many feelings to the surface.  Its been very humbling to be reminded of how precious life is. Thank You.

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