Cynthia Daniel of Danville, VA

Picture of winner's bracelet.
I wasn’t looking to include another pet in my life, but another pet must have been looking for me. My tender-hearted husband called from work one day near Valentine’s Day (Heart 4510) to say a cold, hungry, and lonely puppy had shown up in the parking lot. Unable to find the owner, and doubtful she had ever really had one, she needed a house to call home (House 4698). Just like that, she was ours! Not planned, but welcomed just the same. With four snowy white paws (Paw Print 5664) and an estimated birthday near christmas, we named her Holly (Christmas Holly 2349). She loves her sturdy stuffed animals, a brown and black triceratops (Triceratops 1941) and a grass green alligator (Alligator 7757) that keep her company as though they were real. Every day she and I play with her favorite orange tennis ball (Tennis Ball 6540). Although not exactly a game of fetch (unless you count me being the one doing the fetching as she loves to run past me with the ball in her mouth almost every time), it is still lots of fun! Holly is an unexpected gift of happy wiggles and playtime!

Cynthia Daniel
Danville, VA
Dog Tales Winner
July, 2012

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