Darlene Hermann of Roanoke, VA

Memories of my mother- her beautiful quilts (2340-quilt) and her love for me will always be with me.    Our friendship was a special one and her death from breast cancer was fresh on my mind when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years later. This long 12 month journey  taught me to live, love, and laugh (7837-live, love, laugh), pray and take on one obstacle at a time (7931-one day at a time).  This was accomplished by experiencing the following:  dear friends (2750-angel wings) who were angels by  showing compassion and help with everyday chores;  two 11 year old sons (0351-boy, 0351-boy) who would make pretty drinks of fruit juice with little home made umbrellas and make a bed for me on the couch when I returned from chemo treatments; a 17 year daughter (0352-girl) who would come home from school at noon and fix soup for me when I could barely walk;  a husband (8606-heart) of 22 years who was with me for every step toward recovery.  Ten years have passed and I am a survivor with the hope (3448-breast cancer ribbon) of a cure and the knowledge that my three children, one is a physician, and two are on the road to medical school (1991-stethoscope) will be part of this hope.

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