Diane Clercx of Slayton, MN

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I have to start my story as to why I am on Rembrandt Charms site. I have always LOVED charms since I was a young girl. I collected and saved bubble gum and Cracker Jack charms for years and they now fill a bubble gum machine in my dining room so my first charm needs to be the (#8197) gumball machine. But this story isn't about me, I would like to honor my wonderful husband, Rick, for his many years of service on the fire department. I met this great guy twenty-six years ago as he was a telephone repairman, (#3620) phone booth, and he came to my apartment to fix my phone. Sparks flew and we were married the next year, (#8165) wedding cake. He decided to serve his community and joined the fire department as a firefighter, (#8105) fire truck. For many years he enjoyed this job and was a great fireman. We even adopted Mischief, a Dalmatian from the humane society, (#2405) Dalmatian. Missy had lived by a grade school and had been teased by school children on their way to school every day and was very timid and shy. When we got him home he immediately bonded with our Golden Retriever, Abbey, (#3736) Golden Retriever, and they became fast friends. Mischief would ride on the old fire truck in the parades and quickly became a favorite at the fire hall. Rick served many years as a firefighter and then was voted in as the fire chief, (#8236) fireman’s hat, a position he takes very seriously and has done very well at. He has been the chief for many years and has decided that this year he would retire from this position and let someone else take over the reins, which I know was a hard decision to make. I'm very proud of him and would like to honor his years of service. During these years we raised two lovely daughters, (#4764-03) birthstone March, (#4764-08) birthstone August, and I know they are very proud of him too. They have had to put up with their dad leaving meals, taking them to the fire hall instead of bringing them home when picking them up from school activities if duty calls. We all had to adjust to living a life with a fireman, and we proudly did! Our two dogs are gone but we have a grandpuppy now, an Apricot toy poodle, (#3042) poodle, who we adore and have so much fun with! He got evicted from our daughter’s apartment (no dogs allowed) and has come to live with us, which is an adjustment from big dogs but we are managing just fine. So I would be so proud to have this lovely bracelet to wear and honor my husband’s years of service as a fireman and fire chief. He is my hero and I'm proud of him. Thanks for letting me tell this little story about our life as a fireman’s family; we wouldn't trade it for anything! Thank you to all firemen, you do a great service and I applaud you.

Diane Clercx
Slayton, MN
Story of Your Life
November, 2012

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