Dolly Cowan of Harrison, AR

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I was born in Missouri and always was an adventurous child. When I was about 10, I really wanted to go to the carnival, which was across the street from our home, but since my family did not have the money for “such things”, I thought I would try to sell my dog. I tied a rope around his neck and went up and down the street asking anyone I would meet if they would like to buy my dog. When I asked this one lady, she asked me “why in the world would you want to sell your dog?” So I told her I wanted to go to the carnival and ride the Ferris wheel and I didn‘t have the money to go. It so happened that her husband worked at the carnival and she told me to meet her at the gate at 8:00 that night and I could ride the Ferris wheel and any other rides I wanted. I remember riding and riding that Ferris wheel. When it would stop and I’d be on the top, I would swing and swing. So I would like for the first charm the Ferris wheel #8175. Two years after I graduated from high school, I met my husband on a blind date and two months later we had a beautiful wedding in the Baptist Church I attended. Church has continued to be very important throughout our lives. So for the second charm I would like the Church #1175. I believe I have the most perfect husband and his most loved hobby is playing the piano. In fact I didn’t even know he played the piano until I had received my engagement ring. But he is so good so I would like to have for charm number 3, the Piano #0836. Now after two years of marriage we were blessed with a son and two years later another son. They are now grown, married and with families. We are so proud of our sons and their families. Our oldest son was very proud to be a volunteer fireman when he was younger. So for charm number 4, I would like the Fire truck #8105. Our youngest son is in the petroleum industry so for charm number 5, I would like the Oil well #0489. Our oldest son had two sons, one is in college studying wind turbines, so for charm number 6, I would like the Power Windmill #2381. The other grandson is still in high school but he loves riding motorcycles, so for charm number 7, I would like the Motorcycle #1543. Our youngest son has a daughter and a son. Our granddaughter married two years ago, so for charm number 8, I would like the Bells #8183. Our other grandson is in high school and he loves to play the guitar, so for charm number 9, I would like the Guitar #8213. Now this brings me up-to-date regarding the last charm. In May 2013 my husband and I will celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary so for charm number 10 I would like the Anniversary charm #1413 and could have 55 engraved in the open space. This charm bracelet would be a lovely anniversary gift if I were so lucky to win. This has been very memorable to decide on charms to show the “Story of My Life”. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dolly Cowan
Harrison, AR
Story of Your Life
April, 2013

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