Erin Black of Algonquin, IL

Once upon a time, January 12th, 1985 to be exact, a little girl was born. (Birth Certificate #4763). That little girl was me! Little did I know at that moment in time,  twenty two years later I would have quite the story to tell. It started out simple enough. I was (and still am!)  the oldest of nine siblings. I loved figure skating. (Skater #1764) It was my escape from the world, and sometimes still is. My dreams consisted of, in addition to getting married and having a family, of one day living on a beach and swimming with the dolphins. (Dolphin #6073) I was home-schooled until high school. High school (Diploma #0185) was when I truly met the world, and will never forget those four eye opening years! After high school, I attended community college and worked a part-time job. The car I drove looked nothing like the charm I chose (Car #6165), but I still loved my beat up Ford Probe like good friend. I was a typical, but happy college student. My next charm (Locket #8606) is my favorite. Inside, it holds a picture of a beautiful little girl. That little girl is my daughter. I was only 19 when I became pregnant, and I knew when all was said and done, I could not care for her. The nine months we did get to spend together, like driving to and from work, I would turn up the radio and sing to her. I love music (Music Note #5465) and I hoped, that by singing to her,  she would always remember me. She is now a bright and beautiful two year old who lives close by with her adoptive parents. My heart broke giving her up, but recently, she came to me on her own and said "Thank you birth mother", which let me know, I still sing a song in her little heart. Besides my family and my little girl, there is another someone who means the world to me. We met while working at a local electronics store (Cash Register #0219) and became good friends. We soon came to realize we cared greatly for one another, especially when my geeky computer technician (Computer #6235) would leap counters (or at least try) just to give me hugs before I left for the day. He not only became my boyfriend, but someone who was there to hold me close when I would often breakdown after the adoption of my daughter. He was there to renew life within me when I had given up. And, he was there to embrace me with excitement and love as I cried tears of joy because he had asked me to be his wife. Wedding bells will be chiming (Bells # 1847) next year, and they will signal in a whole new chapter of my life. This charm bracelet is only the beginning, but is what I believe the most important part in my life story. It represents who I am, the people I love, and how I became to be the person I am today.

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