Fanny Montefusco of Rutherford, NJ

Picture of winner's bracelet.
I love the whimsical and classic way a charm bracelet tells a story and makes a statement. The story of my life is truly a beautiful one. First and foremost, I thank and praise Jesus who has blessed me so much. He is the reason I have so many gifts. (#6599) – CROSS. As a little girl, I couldn’t enjoy what other little girls could because I grew up in a dark and abusive world. I knew that someday, I would be out in a bright and beautiful life. I lived in New Jersey and left to Miami as soon as I could. As an adult, I lived in Miami where the sun is bright and the skies are blue. (#6258) – MIAMI. Life was one big vacation. However, I was lonely and missing something. I prayed to Jesus and told him I was ready for my other half to come into my life. A little while later, I met my husband, Charlie. It was truly love at first site. I met him while I was traveling up to New Jersey, where he lived, for a wedding. (#3071) – NEW JERSEY. While we were courting, we would send letters back and forth in the mail. Every day I would receive one and would mail one. Our love and excitement was expressed in every single word in our letters to each other. (#8347) – LOVE LETTER. One day, we both saw a rainbow at the same time and we lived in different states. Jesus was speaking to us. (#8186) – RAINBOW Six months later, on April 15, 2000, we got married in Niagara Falls on Rainbow Boulevard. We took the Maid of the Mist and were under a big and beautiful rainbow. (#8803) – NF MAID OF THE MIST. Three years later, on March 14, 2003, (#3333) – 03 BIRTHSTONES MARCH, we had a beautiful baby boy. (#0943) – BOY. He is our great gift from Jesus and our love. He completes our family. I never knew that one could love this much. I love my family (#8379) – HEART DISC. The thing I enjoy the most about my bright, beautiful and happy life is being a mom. (#6182) – MOM. These are all gifts and charms are little reminders of one’s gifts all dancing around the charm bracelet of life.

Fanny Montefusco
Rutherford, NJ

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