Gerie of Reno, NV

I am a collector of your charms and have made myself 3 wonderful bracelets and each bracelet has there own meaning and personality. When I look at each charm I know what each mean to me and I cherish all my charms. I would like to make one about my Daughter Joann who passed away on June 30, 2010 from an asthma attack. She was my youngest daughter. I never dreamed I would see one of my children go before I did. I can't even explain the feeling I have but each tear that comes running down my cheek each day is the love I had for her. She was only 45 years old. If I am to win this contest it would mean the world to me to know I have some of my memories of her on that bracelet.

Joann was born on Feb 18, 1965 (#0548 Baby Shoes). She was my 3rd and youngest daughter. As a young child we always called her our little cry baby because many times she would cry for anything. Her feelings always got hurt easy. Before bed she would tell me all her aches she had. It was like a routine every night, she would show me where she hurt at even if there was nothing there.  In her teens she was wonderful. Very good in school and hard working. Her first job was working for a roller skating rink (#3997 Roller Skates). She then went to Beauty School and started cutting hair as a Beautician (#3318 Comb and scissors) .

As years went by she became involved in so many hobbies. She was so talented and was always willing to make other people things and never charged them for it. She made such pretty things. I loved the things she would sew (#0732 sewing machine) she made clothes, curtains, doggie beds you name it she would sew it for you. She later got into bead work and that was the last hobby she was into. She left behind so many pretty necklaces and unused beads. Joann was also a chocolate lover (#2741 Chocolate) as soon as she would open up her eyes she was in the kitchen looking for something sweet to eat and then go back in her room. She also collected dolphins (#3568 Dolphins). She had all sorts of collections with dolphins on it. When you look around her house you got to see dolphins all over.

Two days before she had her attack she was talking with her sister. Joann told her sister that she wanted to make a pact with her and her sister said OK. What is the pact? Joann said that if she was ever to die she would want her sister to know whenever she was around and she would want to be noticed as a rainbow (#8186 Rainbow), and if her sister was to die first she would want her to do the same. So when one of them were near each other a rainbow would be there knowing one of them was next to the other. Well, the day she passed away and a rainbow appeared on the fireplace, of course we thought of Joann. Then a few weeks later her sister was coming home from the hospital and when she walked into her house a small rainbow was on the ceiling. We know Joann is around us when we see any rainbow.

Her last trip she ever wanted was to go to Hawaii and that dream came true. She went in 2009. She was so happy and excited that she got to go with Mike. Joann was also planning a camping trip with her boyfriend Mike for the next day but she had her asthma attack. They were going on a camping trip (#3933 Camping tent)   to talk about getting married. But that never happened. She had picked the pattern out for her dress and she was going to sew it herself. She had all her camping things packed and ready to go. Suddenly her life stopped and stayed in a spot for 4 days. When she was taken to the hospital I thought she would be ok because it was an asthma attack. But she went into cardiac arrest and was brain damaged. Her sister and I were planning how we would take care of her. We just did not want to let her go. But she had seizures then mini strokes and one big stroke and that left bleeding in her brain. She then was completely brain damaged. Nothing was working. We had a priest unite Mike and Joann as one (#8183 Bells) before she passed away that way her dream would come true to become Mrs. Mike Long.

I want to say good bye and I was so blessed to have you as a daughter and for some reason God needed you up there in heaven and one day we will meet again. I know you're with Dad now. This bracelet is my way of saying good bye and I will always have you in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I Love you and I will always see your face in my thoughts (#8616 Photoart Heart). Rest In Peace and I Love you... Mom

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