Jacqueline Williams of Manhattan, KS

Picture or Jacqueline Williams winning Wedding Stories bracelet

My fiancé and I are schedule to get married October 2009. We met in Iraq. He is a Warrant Officer (Blackhawk Pilot) and I am a First Lieutenant (Medical Service Officer) in the US Army. Neither of us ever imagined that we would meet someone while being deployed to Iraq. A friend of mine introduced us because she knew we were both single. She had asked me to have dinner with her and there I would see the guy she wanted me to meet. She had told him that she had someone she wanted to introduce him. Two months prior to us meeting, he stated that he had seen me from a far and had been asking people in his unit to help find me. He described me to them but he didn't know my name or the unit I was assigned to so he had given up on trying to find me. Surprisingly, later we were introduced later by a friend and the rest is history. Every detail of our relationship seems to be like fate. We perfectly compliment each other and our souls are so in tune with each other. I absolutely love him with my whole heart and soul.
The charms that tell our story would be the following:

1. "2007" which the year we met. (charm #3007)

2. "A Date to Remember" which is symbolic of when we met because it's
a day I'll never forget (charm #4555)

3. "Someone Special" because Verdo is definitely someone special in my life (charm #6131)

4. "USA Flag" symbolizes that we are both members of the US Army (charm #3861)

5. "MS Caduceus" stand for the fact that I am a Medical Service Corp Officer (charm #3213)

6. "Pilot Wings" because Verdo is a pilot. (charm #6496)

7. "Helicopter" signifies that my fiancé is Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot. (charm #0790)

8. "Graduation" because at the time when we met I was completing graduate school and he help me study and complete my assignments. (charm #1285)

9. "Christmas Tree" represents the Christmas we spent in Iraq which despite the situation will always remain a special Christmas in our hearts
and in the history of our relationship. (charm #1610)

10. "I love you" is what feel about each other everyday. (charm #0685)

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