Janet Johnson of Pekin, IL

My life really began when I met my husband for the first time. He played softball (charm #6488) in a recreational league with my younger brother. We became good friends while hanging out after the games. He hesitated to ask me out because he thought I was out of his league. He drank beer and I drank wine (charm #3700). We dated for just a few months and I purchased my first home. He rescued from the local shelter a doggie companion for me (charm #8203) to keep me safe. Malibu was our beloved pet until she passed away just last fall at the age of 16.

We got engaged in December 1996 (charm #5489) on a beach in Florida and were married in 1997 (charm #8156). We moved into our first home (charm #0418) bought together in 1998 in plans of starting a family soon. We were pregnant in 2000 with our first child and for unknown reasons Courtney was stillborn at 25 weeks. This was the most difficult time in our lives (our so we thought).  She's our angel in Heaven (charm #6537). We wanted to start trying again soon and with our physician's blessing we were successful at becoming pregnant again by late-fall.  Again, life through us for a loop and we had our second daughter 15 weeks early, weighing only one pound 11.5 ounces! Lauren Ashley should have probably never survived but our little Peanut (charm #8195) was a fighter and she is now a healthy, smart, beautiful almost 10 years old.  We decided to wait for more children until Lauren was older, just incase our luck didn't change with pregnancies.

Lauren went off to school in the fall of 2006 with a new friend to greet her everyday she came home. Daisy (charm #1809), a rescued abandoned cat became part of our family.  Lauren did well in school, sports and in her development.  We then decided to try again, couldn't imagine having an only child.  We were blessed with a pregnancy again in the fall of 2007 but life decided to continue on it's difficult path and I was placed on bed rest for four weeks, hospitalized for 8 weeks and still had our beautiful Kaylee "BuggaBugga" (charm #7829) 8 weeks early.  She was only four pounds four ounces but, just like her older sister was a fighter and is now on her way to the "trying threes".

My life has been truly blessed since the first day that I met my husband Drew and I could ask, wish or dream for anything more!

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