Joan Clark of Grand Blanc, MI

I have just spent the last 2 hrs looking through all the charms you have to offer.  I am sitting here in a very happy, peaceful state of mind.  Your product has brought back to me many great moments that I have not thought of in a long time.

Your Birth Certificate (4763) made me think of the births of my 4 grandchildren. Three of which I was in the delivery room.

The Birthday Cake (8164) brought a smile to my face remembering all the fun my sister and I had working on our parents 80th birthday celebrations last year.

Thinking of birthdays, my 50th was spent in AZ with my parents - just me and them- when I think back to that trip I would see a cactus (1576).

Some of the ones that made me laugh, but I won't go into detail about are the Golf Cart (8253), Gumball Machine (8197), and the skunk.

I also thought of some of the accomplishments that my family and I have achieved over the years. When I was over 200 lbs I walked in a local 5k Race (2655), with a group of ladies I worked with.  The Eagle (1774) brought to mind 2 of my sons achieving the Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts.  I see the Hypodermic Needle (2275) reminding me that even though I have diabetes it will not hold me down.

The stroll through the memories of my life would not be complete without the Black Jack (5569) in memory of my brother who was a dealer in Las Vegas, passed away all too soon, and the Celtic Circle of Life (2422) which says it all.

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