Judy Spaight of Mukwonago, WI

Picture of winner's bracelet.

Ten charms hardly seem enough to tell a life story that has spanned almost sixty years. My arm wouldn’t support a charm bracelet with all of the important events in my life. With much reflection, I have chosen the ten charms that best represent my life story. I’ll start with my beginning. I was born in Wisconsin (Wisconsin #3299), on Palm Sunday in April. I am the oldest of four. I was raised on a small farm, and learned many life skills from my Mother. She taught me to be honest, caring, compassionate and fair, but also taught me to be tough when I need to be. Mom also taught me how to grow fruit and vegetable plants, and how to preserve the fruits and vegetables of my labor. I was taught how to grow flowers (Sunflower #3303), which is probably my favorite plant to grow because I so love to make bouquets and pass them out as random acts of kindness. I learned how to raise ducks and chickens, as well as how to butcher and cook them. Mom was a wonderful cook and baker, and I learned my lessons well from her. One special memory of Mom (Mother/Daughter #3567) is that I received a bracelet and Santa charm for Christmas when I was ten. After kissing some frogs, I finally met my handsome prince. As we were both older and more settled in what we were looking for in a relationship, after about six months of dating, he asked me to marry him, but not before asking very dear friends who were like my parents for my hand in marriage. I did take a few days to ponder the proposal, not wanting to leap before I took a good look, and we were on our way to selecting the perfect engagement ring, and planning a wedding (Filigree Bell #0830). I now have been married to my best friend for 26 years. The next important accomplishment in my life is having become a mother to two beautiful boys. I remember the miracle of birth and abundant life like it was yesterday, although it has been 25 and 23 years ago. My 25 year old was born in September (Birthstone September #3339) and is a gentle soul, although he has had some difficulty finding his way in life. I believe that God will eventually take his hand and help him find his way. My 23 year old son was born in July (Birthstone July #3337) and is kind, caring and compassionate and has found a direction in his life. They are very different, but I appreciate their differences, and am very proud of each of them for their individual accomplishments. The boys were active and accomplished in sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and golf. During their school days, it seems there wasn’t a day when there wasn’t either a practice or game. I became quite an ‘athletic supporter’. We brought the boys up on a small hobby farm, and have raised pigs (Pig #0604), sheep, cows, chickens, ducks and geese. My boys know how to raise, butcher and cook their meat. I have also taught them both to raise fruits and vegetables and to preserve and cook them. They are both avid hunters, and I even took a hunter’s safety class. Along the way our family has had five golden retrievers (Golden Retriever #1097). Our first golden was named Brandy. She was such a lady, but also a fierce hunter. She had a litter of nine puppies, and we chose to keep Dutchess. Dutch was also a lady, but not quite as fierce of a hunter. Dutchess had a litter of two puppies. We couldn’t bear to split them up, so we had a King and Penny. King was a big gentle dog. Penny should have been a mommy, but had some issues that made it impossible for her to do so. We lost both King and Penny in the last year, but now have a golden retriever named Buddy. Buddy is full of energy, which I have found difficult to adjust to after having older dogs. He is just over a year old, and hopefully with time he will settle down a bit. In addition to my gardening and cooking, I also enjoy quilting (Quilt #2340). My preference is for scrap quilts, incorporating colorful floral fabrics. My husband and I enjoy traveling, and have done more since the boys have gone on their separate ways. I look forward to the next phase in my life, which is retirement from my accountant job. I plan on making more quilts and doing some traveling (Airplane #2326) along with the gardening and cooking that I already enjoy. As I look back on my life, I have been very blessed.

Judy Spaight
Mukwonago, WI
Story of Your Life
January, 2013

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