Kaci Lee Hedgecock of High Point, NC

Picture of winner's bracelet.
Well when telling the "Story of my life" my birth sounds like a good place to begin. That is why I chose the January charm (#4764). The deep rich color of garnet not only represents the month I came into this world but it also reflects the deep love for life I have. Other than my birth I began dancing when I was only 3 years old, and to this day dancing is the one aspect I find that truly represents who I am and my personality. So I chose the ballet shoes charm (#8286). For dance to me isn't just a hobby, it's apart of my soul. It represents dedication, passion and a love for the arts. I also chose to add the tiara charm (#2418) because throughout my dancing career my parents have always called me their little dancing princess. However dance isn't the only art I have been drawn to. Growing up in a musical family playing an instrument wasn't just an option it was a requirement. I personally play 7 different instruments and together with my brother we have traveled as far as London, England to sing for BBC. My musical abilities, to me, are gifts from God and so I chose the piano charm (#8252) to show my thankfulness for such wonderful gifts. Because the piano was the first instrument I ever learned to play. Speaking of God, religion to me is more important than any talent, or birthstone. It is where I come from, who I am, and who I'm going to be. Jesus is the one constant in my life and I wanted to represent that constant by choosing the Celtic cross charm (#6147) and the faith charm (#8448). Because I am of Irish descent so this symbol not only holds spiritual meaning but it also holds historical significance to me. My family's ancestry is something that defines my culture and describes my lineage. Therefore coming from Ireland or Irish descent the Claddagh ring charm (#7793) is an iconic symbol which represents classic Irish love. Love that my life has truly been blessed with. And yet another symbol I feel defines myself is the paw print charm (#5663). Over my life so far every animal I have own has been rescued. I currently own a Dalmatian that helps my father who is a firefighter give fire safety classes to children. Because my bleeding heart just can't say no to an animal in need, and so I feel this charm shows an inner aspect of me that most people don't get to see a lot of. Last but certainly not least I couldn't be the person I am today or have "the story of my life" without the amazing people I have had the fortune of knowing. So to represent how thankful and grateful I am to those people and to show the humility needed in life I chose the lily charm (#4580). Because my life is like a flower, and all those people help me to grow and become the "blossom" I am today.

Kaci Lee Hedgecock
High Point, NC

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