Kaitlyn Storme of Depew, NY

My fiancé and I were friends for seven years before becoming a couple (charm #6596).  We met by chance while he was on a business trip and stayed in touch for years (charm #8347).  After seven years, we had both done some growing up and decided it was time to tell each other how we really felt and spend some real time together. So I took a trip to Buffalo to visit him (charm #3282). He took me to Niagara Falls, which was beautiful and so romantic! (charm #1632) We had the most amazing visit and I knew he was "the one" (charm #6131).  We made the decision to no longer be long distance and I moved from the Arizona desert (charm #1576) to Buffalo NY (charm #7816).  It was the best move of my life!

On the one-year anniversary of my first visit here, he took me back to Niagara Falls and proposed (charm #5489).  We are planning a fall wedding this October (charm #0107) and couldn't be happier!  We are both anxiously awaiting the day that, after all these years, we finally become Mr. and Mrs. Scirri (charm #5420).


Kaitlin Storme

Depew, NY

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