Kathleen DiLorenzo of West Chester, PA

My "special" daughter's charm bracelet triggers thoughts of trials and triumphs during our togetherness and separation through divorce and custody fights. My daughter cherishes the horse charm (#0174) and recollections of therapeutic riding lessons since 18 months of age and the swimmer charm (#0786) represents aquatic feats in a gymnastics/aquatic program at a university since 2 years of age and now with one of its former instructors. The palette charm (#0800) reminds her of relaxation, expression, and dexterity challenges at art lessons since childhood and the tennis racquet charm (#3947) instills thoughts of the importance of exercise and good coordination through sessions since kindergarten. She recalls the days of cookie sales, volunteerism, and socialization with the Girl Scout charm (#2298) and the popcorn piece (charm #2490) stirs remembrances of classic movies and sensorial experiences.

The sewing machine charm rejuvenates moments of special creations from nothing at sewing lessons and the knight charm (#0874) symbolizes chess lessons at a library and for concentration. The golfer charm (#0233) depicts my daughter's participation in a LPGA program and private lessons for a life long sport and the ballerina charm (#0190) is her favorite with evocation of her thoughts of an escape to a world of sheer beauty. The computer charm (#5303) illustrates her dedication to keyboarding and researching skills and the realization of the work world ahead.

My favorite is the heart (charm #3567) with the inscription of daughter within another with the engravement of mother, a symbol of our inseparation. There are more -- an ice skate for her achievement of her endeavors, a 2-wheel bike for her perseverance and culmination of biking, balance, and navigational skills, and a Merry Christmas charm from mom for commemoration of our holiday time together. No matter what tomorrow brings, the charms will hopefully bond us forever and are symbols of our struggles and successes.

Kathleen DiLorenzo
West Chester, PA

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