Kathy Collins of Antelope, CA

First of all I think your charms are all very special each charm holds a special meaning in peoples hearts and memories. I feel it is a good way to always remember life by looking at each charm. I want to enter your contest for my Mother. I want to make her a bracelet about my father and their life together. I know she will never forget him and the charms would be a blessing for her to see their life on her wrist. She will be able to tell people about the meaning of each charm and how each charm has a story to it. She will be able to tell her grandchildren and great-grandchildren about their Papa and I am sure that bracelet will be passed on in time to a very special person.

My Father and Mother were both born in Hawaii (4714 Hawaii) they lived in the same city and only a block away from each other. My parents were both born in December. My Mom was born on the 10th and Dad on the 17th their birth signs are (4141 Sagittarius). What's neat is their names are almost the same my Dad's name is Gerald and my Mom's name is Geraldine. They married on December 17th and I know my father loved my mom very much that he would do anything for her (2248 I love you keys). My father was a construction worker (0581 Hammer) he was always a very hard worker and of course he always came home with dirt all over his clothes. He loved to go to Reno or the Indian casino to play the nickle machines (4867 slot Machine) Many times our family finds nickles laying around and of course we say Papa (Dad) was just around us leaving us a nickle to let us know he was here. He loved watching football every Sunday and Monday evenings (6230 Football) he was a Washington Redskin fan and nobody could say anything bad about his team.

In June of 1999 around Father's Day he found out he had cancer. I went with him to his doctors appointments and was told he had only 6 months to live. But I was never ever able to tell him he had only 6 months left. We then knew we had only a short time left with him (3650 Hour glass) and it did feel as if we had to watch that hourglass sand quickly fall until it was empty.

On December 25, 1999 Christmas Day (0618 Dec 25) he died of cancer. I know my father is now in Heaven with all the angels because he was taken home on a very special day (1577 Jesus on Cross). I am sure my father is always watching over my Mom  like a Gaurdian angle (2750 Angel wings). He always took good care of her and when he was at the end of his life he looked at her while in his hospital bed and told her he was sorry but he can't take care of her anymore. It was like he knew his time was at the end.

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