Kathy Collins of Sacramento, CA

Picture of winner's bracelet.
I read all your charm stories and each of them have a meaning to them. Some are happy and some sad but each story was touching. To be honest I had tried to start a charm bracelet but the charms are not as pretty as the Rembrandt charms nor do they have as many charms like the Rembrandt Company. I am writing this story about my brother, the only brother I have. His name is Jr. I want him to know just how special he is even if he can be my little bratty brother and to know I am always here for him when he needs me. In High school he was a track runner (Runner 2420) he broke the school record. My Dad was so proud of him plus he was his only boy. After High school he went on to become a police officer (Police Badge 3039). He has only 6 more years then he will be able to retire. Jr is only 45 years old and has gone through so much. He had a kidney transplant and he just found out 4 months ago that he has diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma. He has gone for CAT scans, PET scans, MRI, Biopsy you name it he has had it done just to find out what kind of cancer he had and the stage. He has been going for chemo treatments and will be going for radiation. In my eyes he is a very strong person but I know inside him he is scared and worried. He takes care of himself. He still does things for himself and won't sit around feeling sorry for himself. Many times I wish he had someone who would take care of him and help him be stronger. We all say prayers for him and I know my Mother prays to St. Jude for his healing (St. Jude 6091). When he first found out he had cancer he called me and broke down. I stayed strong for him to give him positive thoughts. In June they had a Lymphoma walk and I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks but I wanted to do that walk just for him. What was so special is that Jr came to that walk in San Francisco as well. We had a wonderful time and I got many donations to help the people who have Lymphoma. Jr's dog is his best friend. His name is Max and he is a Rottweiler (Rottweiler 7780). Max is such a well behaved dog and is very special to my brother. To think about it I think he loves that dog more than he loves any of us... Hahahaha. Jr is always wanting my family to go to his house for dinner. He loves cooking (Cooking Utensils 3014) for us. Even when he comes home from Chemo he will want us to come over. We never know what he will come up with to cook for dinner but to be honest it is always good. My brother has been a Chicago Bears fan for many years now and he will stick with that team no matter what (Football 7787). He also loves to go camping in his trailer with his friends and seems to never want to rest or keep still. He is just an active person. He does not let his cancer get in his way. If I am to win I just want him to know I am proud of him and no matter what happened in the past we always stuck together as a family and nobody will ever come between us (Heart with Key 8365). We lost our sister (Sister 3186) 2 years exactly today and she adored and loved him so much and we lost our Dad 12 years ago and of course Jr was very special in Dads eyes. So we know how much family means and we can never take it for granted that friends or loved ones will be around the next day. Let's keep praying (Praying Hands 0214) that your cancer will continue to go away and your body will heal and fight off that mean, ugly cancer. Remember to have FAITH (Faith Tag with Cross 8448). Love you Lots, Your Favorite Sister :)

Kathy Collins
Sacramento, CA

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