Kristen L. Fanning of Woodbridge, Virginia

Picture of winner's bracelet.

My husband and I wanted to adopt a dog from the pet assistance league; little did we know we would find this doggie that lights up our home. The first time I laid eyes on him I just knew that he belonged to us. Charlie is a friendly, love giving and seeking beagle/hound mix (Charm # 0149). His real name is Charlemagne Bailiff but we call him Charlie for short. You might ask why we picked the name Charlemagne. Well...we already have an eight year old cat (Charm # 0625) whose name is Lucius Junius Brutus (Lulu for short), named after the founder of the Roman Republic and its first Senator, so it seemed fitting to name our dog after the first Holy Roman Emperor. But while Lulu, our cat, lives up to the pretentiousness of his name, Charlie is far from pretentious. All of the children in the neighborhood know and love Charlie and when they pass our house they say "that's Charlie's house". Don't get me wrong, though, he can be mischievous. He has an entire collection of bones (Charm # 5730) to chew on but he always seems to find something else like my shoes (Charm # 2614) to chew on. Sometimes we take him to doggie daycare so that he can play with his friends but he is never hard to find when we pick him up, he is the dog that has the # 1 on his back. Yep, he has a spot on his back in the shape of a # 1 (Charm # 5549). There is something a little strange about Charlie...even though he is a beagle/hound mix, he almost never barks or howls. I think this is due to our cat, Charlie's pack leader, smacking him in the face with his paw every time he barked when he was a little puppy (Charm # 1566). However, when Charlie gets around other beagles or hound dogs, he is all about socializing and the beagle howl comes out. We love Charlie so much and are so glad that we were able to save the life of another pet by adopting. Charlie and his love have a special place in our hearts (Charm # 8441). He is #1 as the spot on his back indicates.

Kristen L. Fanning
Woodbridge, VA
Dog Tales Winner
March, 2013

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