Kristen McLane of Romeo, MI

When my daughter Megan was born I started daydreaming about a special gift that I could give her when got older.
I would love to present her with a special charm bracelet. On May 12th Megan will turn 7.

Here are the charms that I would use to represent her life.

1. Wishbone with Pearl charm #0677 Megan means "pearl."
We wished for a daughter but were told that we were having a son.
The ultrasound was wrong and our wish came true!

2. Disc charm #1495 On one side: MEM (or Megan Elisabeth McLane), 5/12/01
On the other side: I Samuel 1:27-28 (I prayed for this child, and the LORD
has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his
whole life he will be given over to the LORD.")

3. Emerald (May) charm #4764
Megan's birthstone

4. Tiara charm #2418
Every six year old thinks she is a princess!

5. Bookworm charm #3065
Megan loves to read.

6. Bible charm #1228
Megan was baptized on Easter Sunday 2008

7. Palm charm #2343
My daughter and I made a pact to go on a mother-daughter trip to Hawaii some day.

8. Butterfly charm #3763
Megan was fascinated with butterflies when she was three. Our favorite
outing was to the Butterfly House/Garden at the zoo.

9. Rabbit charm #2264
Megan's favorite book is "The Runaway Bunny"

10. Cat charm #0977
Megan is an animal lover. She has had two cats: 1) Violet (named so because
her favorite color was purple) and 2) Lovely Gorgeous McLane

Thanks for the contest. I've had a blast looking through your impressive collection of charms!

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