LaJean Whiteside of Cleburne, TX

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I have been a Police (Police Badge 3039) dispatcher for nearly 13 years. One Christmas, I was in dispatch depressed because I wanted to be with my girls and husband. My animal control officer came to check on me bringing this poor little cold (Snowflake 7816) dog from under his coat. This was the ugliest dog I had ever seen! I loved (Love Tag 8441) him at once! My officer handed him to me and he immediately placed his head on my shoulder and snuggled up to me. Well...THAT was it, I knew he needed me. I waited the allotted time and went to the shelter to take him home. I stopped by my vet on the way to get "Boo Boo" checked out and make sure he got his shots. We found out Boo Boo is 1/2 Chihuahua (8227) and 1/2 Boston Terrier (2879) and that he was about two or three years old. We decided that his birthday would be Valentine’s Day (Be My Valentine 3269) since he is so sweet. Boo Boo's favorite toy is his rubber hippo (Hippo 2136). He will even go get it out of his toy box and bring it to you. He sits, rolls over, high fives and barks on command. But mostly he loves to sleep and be held. That has been over seven years ago. Boo Boo is an old boy now and has seizures that make us very worried. I know that he doesn't have long but he has given us so much love over the years. He is a family member and we love him dearly.

LaJean Whiteside
Cleburne, TX
Dog Tales Winner
August, 2012

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