Lanette Rasmussen of Bismarck, ND

Picture of winning bracelet for 2008 Soldier's Story
My name is Lanette and my husband is Sgt. Carey Rasmussen with the North Dakota (charm #3615). National Guard 957MRBU. The day he had to leave for Iraq, I had my yellow ribbon (charm #2388) and the flag (charm #3863) out. The date he left was February 10, 2003. His job in Iraq was driving a tow truck (charm #5384), and he would tell me about all the camels Charm description (charm #1163) he saw all the time when he would call me on my flip phone (charm #2932). However, those calls were extremely rare, and he was only able to call about 10 times in a year. On Valentine's day of 2004, I got a beautiful surprise when I received a dozen long stemmed roses (charm #5797) from Carey. While he was still away, I attended church (charm #0242) in memory of the four fallen soldiers. When the finally came for Carey to come home, he boarded an airplane (charm #0598) from Iraq to Germany then to Fort Leonard wood to Bismarck. When he arrived in Bismarck, he had to board a bus (charm #3043) and drive about a half hour from the airport to the armory where his family was waiting. A year after he was back, we had our third child, a girl, to add to our family. Picture of Sgt. Rasmussen

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