Lan-Huong Nguyen of Chantilly, VA

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I was born and raised in the small country of Vietnam. Growing up my religion was a HUGE part of my life (charm #0756). My family and I would go to church every morning and pray every night. Living in Vietnam was a dreary and rough life. Those years were so tough that at times I didn't think that I was going to make it. I didn't have the things that a little girl would have, instead everyday the only thing on my mind was, how do I take care of my family? How do I survive today? I loved to cook (charm #3014). I was the youngest girl in a family of six, three girls and three boys. My parents would always be away working for money. When I turned 22 something happened to me that would FOREVER change my life. I boarded an airplane (charm #0598) with two of my brothers, my mother, and my father, and we were heading to the beautiful and magnificent country of America (charm #5590)! I never saw such a fascinating country and I thought that I was dreaming. Getting settled in America wasn't a walk in the park but we just felt so blessed that God had guided us all the way through our journey. When I was 25 I met the most incredible person I would ever meet, my husband (charm #6086). We've been through the thick and thin together. On August 7th, 1996 my mother, whom I loved with all my heart, lost her battle to Cervical Cancer (charm #4656). I was heart broken and I found it so hard to accept that my loving and courageous mother was gone. Two years later I was married to my wonderful husband. Then On August 26, 1999, one of the best days of my life, (charm #3338) I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Being a mom is one of the best privileges that I will ever receive in my whole entire life. When I was little I was always told that "Family was The Key to Happiness" (charm #0441) and for once I knew what it really meant because I had my own family. Watching my daughter growing up was an absolute treasure. From her first baby steps to the potty training and to the big girl bed, those memories will always stay in my heart forever. One of my favorite memories of my daughter growing up was her favorite teddy bear (charm #8228). That Teddy Bear was basically my daughter’s best friend growing up. He was always in her hands and she would talk to him like he was real. He helped her through everything! Everything is so perfect! And these memories are SO precious! Charm Bracelets help you remember what’s really important your life, my daughter is 12 now and our family is all settled down. It’s hard to believe that my days in Vietnam were years ago. One day I am hoping to go back and reminisce what it was like back in those days. I am so thankful for everything that has happened to me, I pray to God everyday and thank him for what he has given me. Sometimes all you need is Faith (charm #8448).

Lan-Huong Nguyen

Chantilly, VA

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