Licinda Mytych of Woodstock, MD

The story of my life with Ray, my one true love. In 2001, I met Ray online (charm #5303) through a dating service. On the eve of our first date, Ray was swimming in the ocean like the strong man shark he is (charm #8161), and broke his neck after a wave hit him, becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Our first meeting was in Shock Trauma hospital in Baltimore where nurses and doctors were trying to save his life and help him find his health again. Ray soon moved to a rehabilitation center where he stayed for three months, with me visiting him each day. With the help of strong nurses and doctors, he regained use of his legs and walked again. Everyone called him a miracle patient, as no one expected him to walk again. Through it all, our daily visits included lots of talking and laughter and sharing hotdogs (charm #2267) I would sneak into the hospital.

After three months, Ray came home and learned to live a different life with disabilities - all while having an incredible spirit and strength which I grew deeper and deeper in love with. He found a way to play golf  again (charm #3530) and taught me the game, which I've grown to love. We made a home together and I grew to love his children from a previous marriage - we even adopted a cat named Blackie (charm #1809).

We spend every spare minute at the beach walking and soaking in the sun. Despite being nearly killed in the water by a wave, Ray still loves the ocean and beaches and collects sand dollars. Nine years later, I finally said yes to the numerous marriage proposals (charm #8165). I was hesitant for so long because of our age difference. He's nineteen years older than I am - but so young at heart (charm #6049) that you'd think we were the same age.

Today, I can happily tell you that with Ray my life is complete and I believe in miracles and that anything is possible. I went from someone who said I'd never get married to falling in love with the funniest (charm #7837) and strongest man in the world. Ray went from being paralyzed to walking again... and even playing golf. Together we can do anything, and the sky (charm #6486) is the limit. Together we've discovered that pearl  in the oyster of life! (charm #0552)

Licinda Mytych
Woodstock, MD

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