Lindsay Nichole Ford of Ann Arbor, MI

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My Love Story:

When my fiancé, Steve, and I met in September of 1991, we had no way of knowing that we would be planning our wedding 22 years later (#8156). Of course, at that time, we were 5 years old - Kindergartners riding the same bus to and from school (#8152). A few years after we first became friends (#2434), I developed a crush on him. He was smart, sensitive, creative, and interesting. When he gifted me a handmade purple origami frog (#6484) on Valentine's Day in the fourth grade, I was certain it was true love. However, we were in different "social groups" and when I told a friend - in secret - of my feelings, she spread the word around school. Mortified that the whole school would know that I liked a "Geek" and - even worse - that he himself would find out, I broke off our friendship (#7730). Shortly afterwards, his family moved across town and he transferred schools. For the next 15 years, I would occasionally wonder about him (and kick myself for giving up his friendship!), but our paths never crossed. Then, in 2011, my mother - a local realtor - called me and said, "You'll never BELIEVE who I had a meeting with today!" She went on to say that an old client of hers, whom she'd sold a home to in the mid-90s, referred her to her son, who was now looking for a house of his own. That son was none other than Steve. During their meeting, he mentioned that I should look him up. I did so immediately. A few weeks later, we met for coffee (#0199). At the time, he was a student and I was an apprentice with only one day off per week. We met for coffee at 10am. At 6pm, we realized the time - he'd missed all of his classes, while I'd missed a hair appointment, lunch with my mother, and my other assorted plans for the day. Neither of us had any idea that we'd spent the last 8 hours (#8190) over coffee. He was just as smart, sensitive, creative, and interesting as he was when we were children. Of course, we began dating right away! Without a doubt, it was true love! A year and a half later, we returned to our elementary school to reminisce. Just outside of the door to the fourth grade classrooms, Steve turned to me and asked if I would like to hear a poem (#8347). I responded, "Of course!" He then recited,  “Who would have thought, all those years ago on the bus, that "you" and "me" would turn to "us"? So now it's time for all to see, Lindsey Nichole Ford, Will you Marry Me? To which I responded, "OF COURSE!" (#5489) Sneaky as he is, he managed to get the whole thing on film (#7754). We are now in the throws of planning our May wedding and I cannot imagine my life without him. I was smart enough to like him as a child, and now I'm smart enough to keep him! He truly is the love of my life (#7794).

   Lindsay Nichole Ford
   Ann Arbor, MI
   Love Story
   February, 2013

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