Lisa M. Andrade of Carmel, NY

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I have a dream... a BIG DREAM, like many of you. My dream (DREAM #8442) coincides with a motto that comes from a well-known wedding planner on television in which he reminds each of his brides, “DREAM BIG. AND THEN DREAM BIGGER.” And boy, do I have BIG dreams for our beloved animals at my local animal shelter in New York. You see, the old 60+ year old weathered building has really taken a beating, especially within the past few years from the remnants of an earthquake and not just one, but two major hurricanes which took down many trees and caused irreversible damage to the already worn-out shelter. Our beloved cats and dogs (CAT AND DOG #1566) deserve better than this… and they deserve to have brand new doghouses (DOG HOUSE #8619), too. It is my dream to contact our local politicians in hopes of securing monetary (DOLLAR SIGN #2807) assistance or a building (OLD EXCHANGE BLDG #3876) grant to help restore the original shelter to its former condition. I take great pride in volunteering at an animal shelter that is so personal and rewarding and which allows me to connect with the most precious gifts of creation. It also allows me to be the best I can be...compassionate, caring, kind, loving...and most of all, grateful for spending time with the most wonderful creatures. Not only do I stand by the famous wedding planner’s dreams and motto, but I also stand by the motto of the shelter which states: "Kindness, Justice (SCALES OF JUSTICE #7938) & Mercy to All Living Creatures." Thank you for allowing me to be heard by being the voice and head cheerleader (CHEERLEADER #0236) of all our dogs & cats housed at my local animal shelter. If I am picked as a winner of a Rembrandt Charm bracelet I will wear it proudly in honor of all the cats and dogs that I love so dearly. What an incredible milestone this would be for all our 2-legged and 4-legged friends once it is achieved… my BIGGEST dream yet!

Lisa M. Andrade
Carmel, NY
Dog Tales Winner
September, 2013

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