Lisa Rhude of Alpharetta, GA

My life story can't be condensed into a short story based on ten charms.  I have chosen to write about one of the happiest parts of my life.  That is my ten year marriage to my husband Jody.

Jody is the love of my life and my best friend.  I had no idea that marriage could be a partnership and so many happy times.  We have been married ten years this December, which coincides with the ten charms.  I thought only befitting to write about this time.  We met in 1994 working for the same company.  One of my trainers worked next to him and I had many questions.  We would say hello, but I was shy and he, very cute. Many women found him good looking and I never dreamed he would ask me out.

We parked in the same area at the company.  I am a big lover of music.  He noticed the CD's strewn across the front seat of my car.  He found we had a lot of the same taste and CD's, not common at our company.  He sought me out to say hello and mentioned the CD's, I mumbled a reply and ran. This makes the first sterling silver charm that reminds me of him the Compact Disc (#3459). Needless to say, he didn't think much of me.  As he took my shyness for snotty.  His friend convinced him I wasn't that way, so he decided to give me another shot.

We met again that same year, 1994, at a Reds baseball game.  I was going to sell my ticket and almost sold it to him, but something made me go.  He asked me out that night.  This is my second charm a baseball in sterling silver (#1523).  We hit it off immediately and he and I started dating. I remember telling him if he needed a night not around me, to go out with the guys...his response, "I'll keep that in mind."  It never happened!!!

Our love of music, sports and travel have taken us on many adventures.  We are avid football fans for Ohio State and the Cincinnati Bengals. We go to most, if not all home games and so does my family.  Not only is he my husband, but a part of my family.  This time brings my whole family together and since we live out of town, it is very important to me.  For this reason, my next charm would be a football helmet code (#0647) and (#7711) the Cincinnati skyline.

Jody moved away after one year of dating.  We dated long distance for 2 1/2 years prior to getting married.  it was hard, but worth the wait and I  know we have something that will last. He asked me to marry him in San Fransisco. We had a fabulous trip and memorable time in Napa, so my next charm is the Napa wine bottle (#2962). We were married with all of our friends and family on 12-13-1997.  It was a cold and snow flurry filled wedding by candlelight.  It was festive and happy as all had the holiday spirit.  I smiled so much that day, my face hurt!  Charm (#1412) a day to remember engraved with this date and charm (#0875) church as looks like my church would be next to make my special bracelet. We didn't have any money, so we went where the wind took us on our honeymoon. We ended up in Williamsburg for five days in the middle of winter.  It was a blast and so not the norm.  The pineapple charm (#4211) reminds me to Old Williamsburg as all holiday wreaths on doors had pineapples.  We bought our first furniture here for our new house, which we were scared about, could we afford it?

We settled into living in Pittsburgh for the next 6 years.  It was a happy time filled with exploring and getting to know each other and also, settling into a life together. Charm (#6216) Cathedral of Learning was a part of Pittsburgh and the skyline we grew to love.  We relocated for work to Atlanta almost 4 years ago.  It has been a great move.  Outside of our families still being far away, this house feels like our home.  We have friends, great weather, good jobs, health and happiness.  I look forward to what awaits us and think it only befitting to have the tenth charm of our tenth year of marriage be of Atlanta (#3729).  May our story continue with more happiness and maybe some baby charms added and another ten charms that remind me of the next ten years.

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