Lynne Farina of Allison Park, PA

Picture of Story of Your Life winning bracelet for Lynne Farina
I have always wanted to start a charm bracelet. As a small child I was always interested in family air looms and things that told a story. My aunt has a bracelet that was given to her by her great grandmother and it has everything that her grandmother stood for on one bracelet. I want that. I want to have something I can pass on to my daughters and their daughters. Something that they too can add to and something I will have to put a charm on when each of my children are born. I am 21 years old now and have so much more to go through in life that I want this bracelet to capture my life story. The best way to begin this bracelet, story of my life, is to win this contest and have these charms that I stand for now and that I can add to.

The first charm that I saw fit for me was Leo (charm #4137), I am born in July and I am proud to be a Leo, It signifies strength and when I look that all my grandmother of 94 years of age and my mother have went through, I too want to be that strong and independent.

The Italian Horn (charm #5635) is something that I wear everyday in silver or in gold that shows my heritage. From spaghetti dinners to trips to Italy and our language my family is ITALIAN there is no way around that and we are proud of it. The history and stories of being Italian and growing up fully involved in our nationality is something that I am very proud of.

Cross (charm #0756), this cross is there to not only signify my religion of catholic and dedication to God, but for my grand pap who died at the age of 88. He meant the world to me. He was the man that was there for me when my father walked out, when I needed a tough guy to hold me and keep me safe and I miss him every day and having a cross helps me to remember his life and death and that he is always with me in spirit.

Diploma (charm #0185), I am the second grandchild in my family to graduate from college and I am about to start my life helping others. I am a psychology major. I plan on attending graduate school and obtaining my PhD. This diploma reminds me of my success and all that I have accomplished.

This martini glass (charm #2360) is not only for classiness ha-ha. But also because I just turned 21 this year and what better way to remember your 21st birthday than with a martini glass for a girl.

Dolphin (charm #3059), since a small child I have been infatuated with dolphins. I have been swimming with dolphins and collecting dolphin trinkets for as long as I can remember.

Key (charm #0441), this key is the key to my future. I would keep this on my bracelet to remind me that only I have the key to my future and where it takes me. I have forgotten that a few times and let other get me down or think that I cannot do what I set out to do but I know that I can and that I have what it takes. So to always remind me of holding the key to my future here it would be on my bracelet every day.

Live Laugh love (charm #7837).Throughout my life I have forgotten to just do these three simple things. and I do not ever want to steer away from these again. There is far too much negativity in the world to forget these 3 things for yourself. I want to find someone someday that I can love forever and they love me back with the same integrity, love also stands for the love that I have for my family and will never lose. To live is to be yourself, live your life the way that you see fit and set out to do anything and everything that you desire with no interruptions from anyone. And laugh, laughter is truly the best medicine, no matter how bad of a day you have to just laugh is something that brings up your spirits no matter what and helps you to look at the brighter side. Being a psychology major, this charm means a lot because these 3 things are things that can help one to a better self.

Crown (charm #8250), since I was born my godparents have called me princess, It has been on my Christmas stocking, shirts, charms, anything you can think of. So, to not have it on my bracelet just wouldn't make sense. My godmother and Godfather have called me princess since I first opened my eyes and still do till this day and they both mean the world to me.

Palm (charm #2343), My heart is definitely at the beach, somewhere tropical, somewhere sunny and warm where its like paradise. I have traveled to so many different beaches and every time I seem to find one that makes me feel different. Ocean city/myrtle beach is somewhere to have fun with your friends and enjoy yourself, Florida is where we take family vacations and have the best times, and places like Punta Cana and Cancun are paradises that just take you away and you lose yourself there and forget all of your troubles. I want this palm tree to remind me of all the amazing times I have had at the beach and one day I plan to move to the beach.

Wow, writing this actually made me think more about myself and I truly believe these ten charms sum up my life story to a T and involve everything that I stand for. For years to come I plan to add more to this bracelet to pass onto my future generations so they know what I was all about.

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