Maryann Way of Hilton Head, SC

As a toddler, I always had a need for exploration, however, when choosing an after school activity, I chose the mellowest of all, ballet (#0448 Ballet Shoes). I just loved the feeling of the music (#0263 Music Staff) and how the movements flowed through my body. As I grew up, ballet and I started to separate and my new hobby became creating clothing (#0732 Sewing Machine) for my brother and sister as we were too poor to buy fashionable clothes. I became my siblings' permanent babysitter, hardly an adventure, however, I only had to deal with this tedious job for a few years, after which I began one of my life's biggest adventures, college. I attended UGA (#1559 Bulldog) which I got into by the skin of my teeth, but still, it was my dream to not be a permanent babysitter for my mother, but to work in journalism or advertising. I started off my career and was doing well when I met my husband. He was also in advertising and we immediately hit it off. The night he proposed, we were in the car and he repeatedly asked for items from the glovebox (#3467 Car), when finally i found my engagement ring. About 7 years later, my son Bryan was born (#4763 Birth Certificate) and three years after that we gave birth to my daughter, Madison (#3570 Boy and Girl), the structure of a perfect family. We had originally lived in Atlanta, GA, but at this point moved to Hilton Head Island, SC (#4870 HHI). In a way, the island has a strange affect on people. I have gotten a chance to be adventurous. I built a house (#0798 House), started a dog cookie bakery (#3019 Dog Bone), and watched my children grow up, learn how to drive, and one is leaving for college soon, too. It's funny how life works in circles. I once strived for adventure, now I am living it and I am about to watch my children do the same.

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