Mary Grigg of Lowell, OH

My husband and I became foster parents in 2006.  We had never been parents before that. My charm bracelet will have one charm for each foster child we have cared for.

A firetruck (charm #3680) and ABC Block (charm #3411) will represent our first placement a sibling group of a baby boy his six year old brother, they were our first placement and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Our second placement was a 14 year old boy he will be represented by a Football (charm #0620) for the days we spent in the park passing a football around.  He was a "temporary" placement and we were scared to death to have a teenager in our home. If it weren't for the placement of this boy we never would have agreed to care for the next child, who has become our very own.

The fourth charm will represent Anthony, our current foster son whom we met on mothers day weekend in 2007 as just a weekend respite for another family. He later came to live with us when his current foster parents could no longer met his needs. He is the most special to us so far. We will be finalizing his adoption this summer, he will be represented by a Trombone (charm #0503) the instrament he plays in marching band.

Charm number 5 will reprsent a 4 year old little girl who touched our hearts for a week while she waited to go back to her "forever family". She has been our only girl so far and will be represented by a Fairy (charm #3205) She loved to pretend to be the "very goodmother" her words for "Fairy Godmother".

A Dragon (charm #7751) will represent a young man who was our first real challenge. He was 15 and loved Dungeons and Dragons and had to move on to another familly when he become to hard for us to handle. We still have contact with him and we love him very much.

Our most recent placement was a young boy who was suddenly removed from the only family he knew. Luckily he had family who could care for him, but while he waited for the paperwork to go threw he stayed with us, he is represented by a Baseball Cap (charm #3031). His baseball cap was his most treasured possesion he had from his birth family.

We consider each and every one of these children, no matter the circumstances in which they come or go, very special to us. My charm bracelet will be a representation of our growing and ever changing "extended family".

I hope people ask me about my charms so that i can carefully explain each child and maybe just maybe touch the hearts of others to become foster or adoptive parents as well. There are NEVER enough good families to care for these kids who have been displaced from their homes.

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