Melissa Freeman of Smithfield, NC

When I discovered this contest I was excited to actually take the time to look back on my life thus far and decide what my life story is now and what I want it to be.  My first charm would be my February birthstone (#4764) I was born to a loving family on a loving day, Valentine's Day.  I then would choose the Portland Head, ME lighthouse charm (#3427) which represents the great state I grew up in where I have many friends and family still living. A megaphone charm (#3456) would represent my cheerleading days in high school which helped me to come out of my shell and holds great memories to this day for me. The number 23 charm (#1762) represents the date I married the love of my life and the letter F (#5420) the name I took.  Without my husband by my side for the past 11 years, I don't know where I would be.  The next charm would be the state of North Carolina (#3131).  My husband and I moved here to be closer to family that moved here and we absolutely love this state.  It is where I want to spend the rest of my life.  I have no children yet, so my children are my cats right now. Therefore I would have to have a cat charm (#1621) to represent the love of my two cats.  I would have to have the chocolate chip charm (#6386) because I have an absolute addiction to chocolate....they say it is full of antioxidants..haha.  And last but not least the Rocking chair (#2474) charm to represent all of my dreams of living here in the south.  The simplicity of sitting on my rocking chair on the porch with my husband at my side, just enjoying nature and life and all that this world brings to us now and in the future. I hope everyone can enjoy the simplicity of life and take in everyday for we never know what our future holds.

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