Melissa Strite of Pandora, OH

This charm bracelet represents my sweet Grandmother who is suffering with the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s. Grandma always made sure that no matter what we did as a family or just her and I that it would always be remembered.

The first charm will be lipstick (Lipstick #2322) this represents Grandma’s beauty inside and out. She had a drawer full of different lipstick colors and nail polish and we would put on each other’s makeup when I spent the night at her house. The second charm would be a ball of yarn with hooks (Knitting #1783) this represent Grandma’s LOVE of crafts. She would always have a new craft that she would try and teach me. The third charm would be the Easter egg (Easter Egg #1376). Grandma stuffed a bunch of Easter eggs with money and would hide them all over the inside of her house for all of us to find. She would always make sure that everybody got the same amount of money after the Easter egg hunt was over. The fourth charm is the nativity scene (Nativity Scene #2018); this is symbolizing Grandma’s love of her religion and the joy of Christmas time. She would give all of us grandchildren $20.00 every year for Christmas and we would have a special day to go shopping with her to pick out ANYTHING we wanted! That was a BLAST!!!

The fifth charm will be the carousel (Carousel #3345). Grandma would take me to the fair to show me all of her craft entries that she had won ribbons on and she would take me on the rides. She looked forward to the fair every year to display her craft items. The sixth charm would be an ice cream cone (Ice Cream Cone #2516). Grandma and I would go shopping all day long, and then after EVERY shopping trip on the way home we always stopped for ice cream. The seventh charm is a cruise ship (Cruise Ship #3548); Grandma started losing her memory shortly before she took our entire family on our second cruise. She kept telling us that she wanted us to have great memories (now I know what she meant by this several years later).

The eighth charm is the A Day To Remember charm (A Day to Remember #1412). October 4, 2003 was the day that my husband and I got married. This was also the last event that Grandma was able to attend of mine. She attended every single event in my life. The nursing home staff brought her to the wedding and reception. She is no longer able to leave the nursing home due to her deteriorating body from Alzheimer’s. The ninth charm is the March birthstone (Birthday, March #3333). On March 10, 2006 my beautiful son Trevor was born. This is also the month that my beautiful Grandma was born.

The tenth charm is a happy face (Happy Face #2354), Grandma would always tell me every time I would leave her house “keep smiling Melissa.” After I am finished visiting with her for the day (in the nursing home) I always say to her “keep smiling Grandma.” Sadly, grandma does not know who I am when I visit her these days. She just looks at me with a glazed look in her eyes, trying so hard to make sense of everything that is going on in the world around her. What precious memories I have of my Grandma on this bracelet. Thank you for letting me share my story of the most amazing Grandma in the world.

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